JJ Cale Tobacconist | Store | Eastgate Mall

Inveo Designs in partnership with Famanda Kitchen Decor had the delightful opportunity to fit the interior of JJ Cale Tobacconist in Eastgate Mall.

Spur Grill&Go 

I usually won’t rant about the interior design of Spur steak ranch, but the new Spur Grill&Go in Worcester at Shell filling station blew me away.

Braille detailing on the tables with built in mini planters.

Industrial style charcoal black furniture.

Solid wood panels,slats and updated graphic design. 

Three dimensional panel graphics.

Slatted ceiling,hanging planters & bulbs.

Mild steel sheets layered map of the area.

Soft lighting and minimal oversized signage.

Spur Grill&Go 



defHAIRnition in the old FERREIRA HOUSE, Newtown Johannesburg. A large shop front allows visibility to the far end of the shop. The large panes of glass lives with oversized signage and cleverly stacked potplants that blows a stream of fresh air into the inner city of JHB.


The back end of the hair salon is the main focus with an interesting patterned wallpaper and coloured shelves protruding from the wall.


This shop has four island work stations, 2 hair wash basin stations, a reception and waiting area are located in the same space.

House Toorawa

House Toorawa is a tranquil break away surrounded by hefty mountains and a view of the ocean based in Mauritius. Large sections of glass, steel and delicately mottled materials craft sophisticated yet tranquil interior spaces. As we are currently perfecting the interior architecutre to suit our clients social, cultural and personal requirements this article will be updated according to our progress.




Kempton Place Pharmacy

Kempton Place Pharmacy is situated in Kempton Park. We are currently working closely with the owner of the Pharmacy to create an inviting and refreshing new store with an additional retail product display area. As we are not only updating the finishes, furniture and layout but also rebranding, we are excited to be part of this new venture! Stay updated as we will post photographs of the shop fitting and new corporate identity within the next few weeks.






FlowCentric Reception Interior Design

Pretoria, 27 May 2016 – With the construction of the new FlowCentric building designed by Ansteysteynberg Architect currently ongoing, we were approached by the client to design a spectacular reception. With this area being the first impression of the office building it was handled with importance, allowing visitors positive feelings and impressions as they enter for the first time.


Since this building consist of various floors, special attention was given to wayfinding signage using a combination between large back-lit block letters and laser-cut white Perspex lettering.  A custom designed pendant was done in such a way to represent the interconnected blocks in the company logo. The awards wall give way to the pendant lights through a large opening while also partially enclosing the space below, giving the impression of comfort and privacy in the waiting area. This wall aslo containts various forward angled blocks to allow an easier view of the various back-lit awards.


 Secondary design option-