Hi! We are Inveo.

Let us Invigorate you!


About us

Inveo is a Pretoria based design & installations firm specializing in the commercial sector. We design and install inspiring spaces you will want to work, play and shop in!


Our Services


We design retail, commercial and residential interiors that is unique and comfortable.  Filling the gap between client and product, we furnish interior spaces with just the right amount of everything.


We tell your story. With our focus always on the client, each project is designed to meet the clients taste and requirements within it’s own parameters.


Shopfitting is our passion. We believe in sharing our expertise and to offer a full turnkey solution.


Let us create a stunning brand for you! Let us tell the world what you stand for. From something as small as a business card to the complete brand development of your business.


Visual renders specializes in the creation of photo-realistic architectural interior and exterior renderings.  Using your architectural plans or as a starting point, we create stunning realistic 3D visuals of your design.



Spur Grill&Go 

I usually won’t rant about the interior design of Spur steak ranch, but the new Spur Grill&Go in Worcester at Shell filling station blew me away. Braille detailing on the tables with built in mini planters. Industrial style charcoal black furniture. Solid wood panels,slats and updated graphic design.  Three dimensional panel graphics. Slatted ceiling,hanging planters …


defHAIRnition in the old FERREIRA HOUSE, Newtown Johannesburg. A large shop front allows visibility to the far end of the shop. The large panes of glass lives with oversized signage and cleverly stacked potplants that blows a stream of fresh air into the inner city of JHB. The back end of the hair salon is the main focus with an …